Elk CECAM Tutorial
The CECAM Tutorial Electronic Structure with the Elk Code took place in Lausanne, Switzerland from 18 to 23 July, 2011.

Day one
Hardy Gross: Opening remarks

Kieron Burke: The ABC and EFG of DFT

David Singh: The linearized augmented planewave (LAPW) method

Kay Dewhurst: Introduction to the Elk code

Day two
Lars Nordström: Magnetism in LAPW and DFT+U method with LAPW

Frank Essenberger: Non-collinear magnetism and spin-spirals in LAPW

Alexey Baranov : Direct space topological partitionings with DGrid and Elk

Day three
Hardy Gross: Introduction to time-dependent density functional theory

Matteo Gatti: Many-body perturbation theory and excitonic effects

Sangeeta Sharma: Optical properties with the Elk Code (no video available)
Day four
David Singh: Forces in LAPW

Kay Dewhurst: Phonons in the Elk Code

Sandro Massidda: Superconductivity: from BCS to modern electronic structure theory

Antonio Sanna: Eliashberg theory

Day five
Nektarios Lathiotakis: Introduction to reduced density matrix functional theory (RDMFT)

Florian Eich: Functionals for RDMFT

Tim Baldsiefen: Temperature-dependent RDMFT

Sangeeta Sharma: Solids within RDMFT

Day six
Esa Rasanen: Optimal control and quantum dynamics

Alberto Castro: Time-dependent density functional theory (TDDFT)

Sangeeta Sharma: Linear response TDDFT

Hardy Gross: Concluding remarks